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Waiting In The Wings

This song is by Anointed and appears on the album Under The Influence (1996).

Waitin, waitin

I know how it feels to be
Just another face in the crowd
To feel like a whisper
In a world thats much too loud
Tryin to find a place to fit in
A dream where u don't understand
And where your dreams begin

Don't let it pull you down
Don't let it turn you around
Don't ever forget whose child you are
Though others may fail to see
The diamond that lies beneath
He knows just how priceless you are
While you're waiting in the wings

By everyone that passes you by
Lookin up from the bottom
Like a flower thats reachin for the sky
Waitin for the sun to break through
Waitin for the chance for it
To shine down on you


I see you standin behind the curtain
Listening to everyone's applause
But remember the first shall be last
And the last shall be first
In the eyes of God

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