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Under The Influence

This song is by Anointed and appears on the album Under The Influence (1996).

People are talkin'
'Bout the way I'm walkin'
Troubled by the change in my stride
Everyone's askin'
'Bout the way I'm actin'
Bothered by the look in my eyes

They can see a difference
In my way of livin'
But they don't know the reason why
I can't wait to tell them what is wrong with me

Love without condition
This is my addiction
It's a need that only God can fill
Once I got to taste it
Nothing could replace it
Now I've let it overtake my will

I admit my weakness
Craving its sweetness
I have given in to its control
Love has got a hold on me and won't let go

I'm under, under the influence
I'm under, under the influence
I'm under the influence of love

Used to feel empty
Now I have plenty
Ever since I drank from the fountain
With the Spirit in me
And the strength It gives me
A little faith can move mountains

Take my life, use me Lord
Shine Your light through me for
All the world to see that I am not my own

repeat chorus

What the world needs is love sweet love
What the world needs is love sweet love

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