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God Is All Around

This song is by Anointed and appears on the album The Call (1995).

Consider the kindness of a stranger
That passes by your way
For there are ties that bind us together forever

Touching a broken hearted friend
Brings healing to the soul within
There's evidence everwhere of His love, sweet love

God is all around us
Even when we feel we're all alone
I can hear Him whispering my name
Telling me that I'm His own
God is all around us
Even when we feel all hope is gone
God is all around

There are so many lessons yet to learn
I don't know where the road will turn
He always finds a way to guide me, remind me
That if I should fall into the night
He will be there, a shining light
For all the world to see
With open arms for you and me


God is all around
He'll hear your prayer
And if you just reach out
He's everywhere
God is everywhere


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