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Answer To My Prayers

This song is by Anointed and appears on the album Under The Influence (1996).

You are the answer
You are the answer to my prayer
You are the answer

Now I know
You were there all the time
Those nights I thought no one heard
You were embracing my every word
What a shame
Wish I knew all the while
That your love could bring me a smile again
And the hurt would end

Your love has given me
A warmth that brings me to my knees
Through kind and desperate times
I know you're there
You are the answer to my prayers

There are still times
I fear I won't make it through
But just as you always do
You carry me when I'm too weak to stand
This is why
I'll walk with you for all my life
Cuz you've given me one more reason to live
To laugh and forgive


I want the whole world to find
This kind of love that brings peace of mind
No matter where i am
You always here me pray


He's the answer, Jesus is the answer
For the world today
He's the answer, Jesus is the answer

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