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​I Think I'm Gonna Build A Bridge Today

This song is by Annie Walls.

I Think I'm gonna build a bridge today
I think I'm gonna build it in a brand new way
I'll build a line of toll booths
To smile and wave you on your way
And nobody has to pay,
I think I'll build a bridge today

I think I'm gonna to build a ski today
Take all my favourite people on a spree today
We'll jet around the island
And watch the sun set on the bay
And look for the Milky Way,
I think I'll build a ski today

I think I'll build a beach house or a bungalow
A cabin in the mountains for my hunky Joe
A little red convertible to cruise around
You know the Lego Island is my kinda town!

Thinking maybe for a laugh today (?)
I'll build me a gazebo in the park today
I'll stop and smell the roses
Until the band begins to play
We'll make it a holiday
I think I'll build it all today

Well I might build a castle with a catacomb
And when I'm done with that, well maybe,
I'll build rome
Starting with a Bridge
Good play!