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This song is by Annie Lennox and appears on the album Diva (1992).

Original video
The sun has set
All red and primitive above our heads.
Blood stained on an ageless sky
Wipe your tears and let the salt stains dry.
Let them all run dry
All run dry...

Take me to bed
That's where all our prayers are said.
Whispered silent in the night
That's how all our dreams take flight.
Let them all go by
All go by...

For time will catch us in both hands
To blow away like grains of sand.
Ashes to ashes rust to dust
This is what becomes of us...

Send me to sleep
Pray to God our hopes to keep.
Take our fears and make us strong
Lead us to where we belong
And let it all go by
All go by...

Written by:

Annie Lennox

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