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Flying Lessons (1989)Edit

Annie Herring - Flying Lessons
Flying Lessons
  1. I'm The Kinda Girl
  2. Searchin'
  3. Breaking And Entering
  4. Everyday Street
  5. Heart Of Stone
  6. Here On This Sphere
  7. Child, You're Not Alone
  8. Posters
  9. Holdin' On To All I Have

Waiting for My Ride to Come (1991)Edit

Annie Herring - Waiting for My Ride to Come
Waiting for My Ride to Come
  1. Waiting For My Ride
  2. I Stand In Awe
  3. Come Runnin' Home
  4. Hold My Heart
  5. Number Me In Your Prayers
  6. Shining Like The Stars
  7. I Cry For Mercy
  8. Angels Are Calling Me
  9. Too Many Times
  10. The Master's Hand

There's a Stirring (1992)Edit

Annie Herring - There's a Stirring
There's a Stirring
  1. There's A Stirring
  2. You Are
  3. We Will Worship The Lamb
  4. Waiting For The Rain
  5. Glory In The Highest
  6. When We Hit The Ground
  7. Over And Over
  8. You Know I Know
  9. Hide Away
  10. Your Father

Picture Frames (2000)Edit

Annie Herring - Picture Frames
Picture Frames
  1. I Bow Down
  2. Shadow Land
  3. Just One Thing
  4. All Creatures
  5. Consuming Fire
  6. Time After Time
  7. Stairway To Heaven
  8. Sometimes
  9. Paint Your Own
  10. To The King

Other SongsEdit

  1. Behold The Lamb
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