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The Young Prince And Princess

This song is by Annie Haslam and appears on the live album Live Under Brazilian Skies (1998).

And you would cause the sun to see your light
And then be shamed
You cover darkness with a thousand secret flames
With your love, oh my love, oh my love, my love
And I would cause the winds to blow a hundred different days
And bring the perfumes of the gardens of the ways
Of your love, oh my love, oh my love, my love

Crystal and the clay, nights and the day
All on the prince's seal
Eagle of the sky, lion of the earth
This is what the seal is worth, what the seal is worth
Holds all of the dreams of a man
Tapestries, wishes of man, pictures and visions of man
The spirit, the soul of the man
And he would vow to love her for the rest of all his days

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