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Alone In The Hallways

This song is by Anneliese Van Der Pol.

Everyday in French class,
I ask Madamozel for the girls' room pass.
And my heart fills with emotion,
as I'm struck once again by the same old notion.
All alone in the hallways is always,
just a stairwell, the lockers, and me.
Cause the hallways in big ways and small ways,
are such a lonely place to be.
Yes, alone in the hallways is always,
the garbage cans are my only friends.
I've always hated to be isolated,
but then third peroid ends.
And these halls I was in,
will soon be buzzin, with students and teachers,
and jocks and their sneakers.
The bell starts ringing and everybody's singing,
won't be alone, on my in the hallways..........
No more !

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