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Baby Plays Around

This song is by Elvis Costello and appears…

It's not open to discussion anymore
She's out again tonight
And I'm alone once more
She's all I have worth waiting for
But baby plays around

And so it seems
I've always been the last to know
To hold on to that girl
I had to let her go
I wish to God I didn't love her so
Cuz baby plays around

I try to be strong
Hold onto my pride
She doesn't even know it's wrong
How much I hurt inside
And heaven know I've tried
But baby plays around

Just a plaything
It's hard to reconcile
The facts I'm facing
It's not open to discussion anymore
She walks those shiny streets
I walk the worn out floor
She's all I have worth livin' for
Baby plays
Baby plays

Written by:

Cait O'Riordan and Elvis Costello


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