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That's Why I Love You

This song is by Anne Murray and appears on the album New Kind Of Feeling (1979).

I'm a robin sittin' in a tree,
Singin' for you darlin', endlessly.
Inspirtion's got a hold on me,
And I don't want to be set free.

It's your smile, on your face.
It's your style, and your grace.
And that's why,
That's why, I love you.

You're a party with the lights down
You're my Friday night,
I knew you'd show.
Love me tender on the radio,
Just hold me tight and don't let go.

People fall in love,
And all too soon it fades away.
What we've done and you don't think,
Now we'll travel with you
On down the line.

Repeat chorus twice:

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