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Over You

This song is by Anne Murray and appears on the album Best...So Far (1994).

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Over You
Over you, over you
I guess I never will be over you
I have tried but it's so hard to do
I'm surrounded by the memories
No, I never will be over you

Time goes by and I'm still holding on
Waiting for the day when you come home
If you ever change your mind again
I will greet you like a long lost friend
In my heart we've never reached the end
And I never will be over you

I will love you 'til the end of time
Even though I know that you're not mine
Just as long as there's a chance that I
Guess I never will be over you

Life's like walking down a lonely street
I see you in everyone I meet
How I long to see your smiling face
Oh, my love for you I can't erase
No one else could ever take your place
And I never will be over you

Over you

Written by:

Byron Hill and Tony Hiller