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While The Black Rose Blooms

This song is by Annatar.

Youthful and successful in a perfect life.
Great job, some kids, a beautiful wife.
But did it even matter at all?
It wouldn't last, it could only fall...

Refrein 1:
We've nothing left to lose,
While the black rose blooms.

Now slowly start to forget.
Learning life's biggest lesson yet.
Slowly realising you loose your mind
Leaving a soulless puppet behind...

Refrein 1:


Refrein 1:

Trapped in a body, the mind's about to leave
Relatives in pain already start to greave
Mourning the loss of what's coming.
While the memory's still working.

Refrein 2:
We still have much to lose,
While the black rose blooms.

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