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Album by Anna Ternheim.
  1. To Be Gone
  2. Better Be
  3. I'll Follow You Tonight
  4. Bring Down Like I
  5. I Say No
  6. A French Love
  7. A Voice to Calm You Down
  8. Somebody's Outside
  9. My Secret
  10. Shoreline (cover of "Shoreline (Album Version)" by ​Broder Daniel)
Disc Two (Limited Edition)
  1. To Be Gone (Naked Version)
  2. Better Be (Naked Version)
  3. No Way Out (Naked Version of Somebody's Outside)
  4. Troubled Mind (Naked Version)
  5. Bring Down Like I (Naked Version)
  6. I Say No (Naked Version)
  7. A French Love (Naked Version)
  8. My Secret (Naked Version)
  9. I'll Follow You Tonight (Naked Version)

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