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Lexi's Lullaby

This song is by Anna Graceman and appears on the album Anna Graceman (2012).

Starlight shining so bright
Peeking through the curtains to say
"Good-night" said the little one to the right
"Sleep tight" said the little one
Up so so high
Then the biggest star in sight
Said to me "don't let the bedbugs bite"
"Sweet child won't you go to sleep tonight"
That's what you'd say to me
Don't cry all the lights are gleaming in your eyes
And I'd be relieved to see your sweet smile smiling back at me
And then I'd pray that we'd be forever
And I think I'll see you in my dreams
Darlin' baby please don't cry
Cause its Lexi's lullaby
Lexi's lullaby
Sweet child
Won't you go to sleep tonight


Written by:

Anna Graceman

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