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This song is by Anna Coddington.

I blew my brains out. Butterflies came out
It wasn't easy but it looked so nice
I must admit it was probably a bit
Of a cry for attention but just look at me now

You wear me on your t-shirt
I'll never be forgotten
You don't care if it still hurts
Just if it's still in fashion

It's a lovely idea- beauty exploding from despair
I never really was the life of the party
But as I'm departing you will stop and stare and

Wear me on your t-shirt
And talk about me always
And wonder how it happens
This shit comes into fashion

Parties are stupid. I am above this
You and I have nothing to say to each other
Our common ground is the vodka that we found
In the kitchen of whoever the fuck owns this house and

We talk about my t-shirt
Like either of us cares
We talk about our lives
And wonder why we're here

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