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Rumour Town

This song is by Ann Beretta and appears on the album To All Our Fallen Heroes (1999).

Well I'm trying and I'm trying and
I can't get though to you, I know
I haven't been around but who
The fuck are you? first you're
Telling stories and then you're
Telling lies and I'll be lonely- it's
Not the first time ever- going
Round and round in my head i
Listen to the words and htings
That you saidand I believe this
To be the fall of rome. set your-
Self up just to be knocked down
And I'm walking the same old
Streets of this fucking town... it's
A lack of passion that's burning
Me up deep inside my spine
And I'll be lonely- it's not the first
Time ever - it's burning me up
Deep inside my spine...

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