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Push To Shove

This song is by Ann Beretta and appears on the album To All Our Fallen Heroes (1999) and on the live album ...And The Band Played On: Live At Home (2000).

Standing tall, one for all, live our
Lives, do or die, this time I realize
Nothing last forever- statnd
Our ground, tall and proud,
Never ending lost and found, when
Push comes to shove we all
Stand together- right now- build
'Em up to break 'em down,
Leaps and bounds, look to ourselves
To bring up the underground
This time, that time- who
Realy needs a next time? walking
On a prayer like walking on a
Thin line
Break the mold, bought and
Sold, take a chance- go for
Broke- this time I realize nothing
Lasts forever - set in stone, here
We go, living large, blowing
Smoke - when push comes to
Shove we all stand together...
We all coem down just like our
Fallen heos who never end up
Leaving the ground
Pust comes to shove, we find
Out what we're made of and live
It all over again.

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