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This song is by Anita Spring.

lt's a quarter to four now
l wanna open the door now
just to watch you bathe in a moon light heaven
we drank a lot of wine and
and you spent the night and
you said things you never said before

don't leave me loney for a minute
my glass is full look you're in it

don't blink we're fine l'm here you're mine
don't breath don't run
stay a little longer
don't blink we're fine l'm here you're mine
stay a little longer

You terrify me
Well you terrify yourself
But you feel so fine and you look so good
I just can not fight it baby
I knew this would happen
So don't disappoint me now
You did things you never did before

I'm not gonna think it's the real thing
But I kinda know what you're feeling


Stay a little longer
Stay a little longer

Don't leave me lonely for a minute
My glass is full look you're in it

Chorus X 3

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