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A Few Short Years Ago

This song is by Anita Carter and appears on the album Ring of Fire (1989) and on the compilation album Appalachian Angel: Her Recordings 1950-1972 & 1996 (2004).

I went back to the village, Tom
And sat beneath the tree,
Upon the schoolhouse playground
Which one sheltered you and me;
But none were there to greet me, Tom
And few were left to know
That played with us upon the gras
A few short years ago

I stood and gazed upon the tree
Where you once called our names
I loved you then with all my heart
And that has never changed
The tree is old and tired, Tom
It's dying sure but slow
Soon it will die just as you died
A few short years ago

The grass is just as green, Tom
With barefooted boys at play
They're playing games that we played then
With spirits just as gay.
The same old bricks are in the wall
The bell swings to and fro
And sounds just like it sounded, Tom
A few short years ago

I went up to the churchyard, Tom
Did you know I was there
And did you hear me praying, Tom
We'd meet again somewhere
You see I'd never married, Tom
I've only had one vow
And as you know that vow was you
A few short years ago

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