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The Songstress (1983)Edit

Anita Baker - The Songstress
The Songstress
  1. Angel
  2. You're The Best Thing Yet
  3. Feel The Need
  4. Squeeze Me
  5. No More Tears
  6. Sometimes
  7. Will You Be Mine
  8. Do You Believe Me

Rapture (1986)Edit

Anita Baker - Rapture
  1. Sweet Love
  2. You Bring Me Joy
  3. Caught Up In The Rapture
  4. Been So Long
  5. Mystery
  6. No One In The World
  7. Same Ole Love
  8. Watch Your Step

Giving You The Best That I Got (1988)Edit

Anita Baker - Giving You the Best That I Got
Giving You the Best That I Got
  1. Priceless
  2. Lead Me Into Love
  3. Giving You The Best That I Got
  4. Good Love
  5. Rules
  6. Good Enough
  7. Just Because
  8. You Belong To Me

Compositions (1990)Edit

Anita Baker - Compositions
  1. Talk To Me
  2. Perfect Love Affair
  3. Whatever It Takes
  4. Soul Inspiration
  5. Lonely
  6. No One To Blame
  7. More Than You Know
  8. Love You To The Letter
  9. Fairy Tales

Rhythm Of Love (1994)Edit

Anita Baker - Rhythm Of Love
Rhythm of Love
  1. Rhythm Of Love
  2. The Look Of Love
  3. Body And Soul
  4. Baby
  5. I Apologize
  6. Plenty Of Room
  7. It's Been You
  8. You Belong To Me
  9. Wrong Man
  10. Only For A While
  11. Sometimes I Wonder Why
  12. My Funny Valentine

My Everything (2004)Edit

Anita Baker - My Everything
My Everything
  1. You're My Everything
  2. How Could You
  3. In My Heart
  4. Serious
  5. How Does It Feel
  6. Like You Used To Do
  7. Close Your Eyes
  8. You're My Everything (Revisited)
  9. I Can't Sleep
  10. Men In My Life

Christmas Fantasy (2005)Edit

Anita Baker - Christmas Fantasy
Christmas Fantasy
  1. Frosty's Rag (Frosty The Snowman)
  2. Christmas Time Is Here
  3. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  4. Christmas Fantasy
  5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  6. Moonlight Sleighride
  7. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  8. Family Of Man
  9. My Favorite Things


Other SongsEdit

  1. Ain't No Need To Worry
  2. I Just Wanna Be Your Girl
  3. If Only For A While
  4. Mad About You - The Final Frontier
  5. Mad About You
  6. Moondance
  7. The Final Frontier
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