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If Only For A While

This song is by Anita Baker.

For a little while. we know what heartache is and we fell the pain the world can sometimes bring.

For a little while. we cry in the night. without a single song to sing.

But one day all will change. they'll be no more stormy rain. then at last

We will rest forever more

So if you're in the garden. and life seems so unkind. and if your tears keep falling----

From your tired eyes. when burdens seem so heavy--oh yeah and it's hard to

Smile----- you better remember . it's only for a while.

For a little while you loose someone you love. and you miss the times

Together you once shared. for a little while you seem all alone and scared.

With no one there to hold. oh the nights get long and cold. but it won't last.

It will pass in time. so if you're in the the valley. and life seems so unkind

And if your tears keep falling-----. from your tired eyes. your burden seems so heave

And it's hard to smile. oh you better remember it's only for a while.

Ooh, ooh... la, la, la, la, la... you better remember it's only fora while. oh yeas rememebr it's only for a while... fade...

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