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Saanga Saanga

This song is by Anish Kothari and features DJ Kash.

Saanga Saanga, hoy hoy (giggles)

(Strange sounds)

Saanga Saangaaaa
I want to join the Taliban, Taliban, Taliban
I want to join the Taliban, Taliban, Taliban

Ah-Saanga Saangaaa, Ah-Saanga Saangaaa,
Ah-Saanga Saanga Saanga Saanga Saanga Saangaaaa


Saanga, Saanga, Lao Nora Saanga

I sed granny chek me one time.

Saanga Saanga, Saanga Saanga Saanga

Da Old man in da Corna

DJ Kash:
Saanga Saanga (burp) Saanga (kissing sounds)

Dohi, Chai Leeooww!

Even doh this has been jokes, i gotta go!

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