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The Etiquette Song

This song is by Animaniacs and appears on the album Animaniacs (1993).

Yakko: When you walk into a party
It's a formal universe
DrSns: Ja!
YW+D : So you jump up on your host
And with a kiss say "Hello, Nurse!"
DrSns: No!

Yakko: Remember that good diction
Reflects so well on you
DrSns: Ja!
YW+D : So practice all your vowel sounds
By saying "AEIOUUUUU"
DrSns: No!

Yakko: To use the right utensil's
One of etiquette's demands
DrSns: Uuuuuggghhhh...
YW+D : So we recommend you throw them out
And eat with your hands!

Dot: A salad fork
Yakko : A dinner fork
Wakko: A butter knife
YW+D : A water glass
Dot: A soup spoon
Yakko : A dinner knife
Wakko: A fork for eating pickled bass

YW+D : An oyster fork, dessert spoon, a napkin, and a finger bowl,
A dinner spoon, a salad knife, a bread plate for your dinner roll!

YW+D : We've heard the rules you need to know to make that social climb
But we'd rather spend our energy on having a good time!

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