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Dot's Quiet Time

This song is by Animaniacs and appears on the album Variety Pack (1995).

Dot: I love cheap romance horror thriller novels.
Dot: Quiet!

Dot: All I want is quiet
No reason to deny it
I can't take that riot
Quiet! Quiet!! QUIET!!!

Let me clarify it
The noise I can't defy it
I simply will not buy it
Give me quiet! Quiet!! QUIET!!!

Now to nullify it
I just won't stand by it
It's time now to bye-bye it
I want quiet! Quiet!! QUIET!!!

(Moo! Crunch! Chew! Whoot-whoot! Cricket-cricket!)

Dot: I want quiet, quiet, quiet!
This urge, I can't deny it,
To find some peace and quiet,
I'll search both low and high; It
Must be quiet! Quiet!! QUIET!!!

(Scotland, bagpipes disturb her)

Dot: Quiet!!!

(Paris, France, in the cathedral of Notre Dame)

Dot: (spoken) Ahhhh. Such peace, such joy.

(Bells disturb her)

Dot: Quiet!!!

(Pisa, Italy. Leaning Tower falls over, disturbing her)

(Map of Africa. Elephants stampede through map)

Dot: I said quiet! Quiet!! QUIET!!!

(Desert island, turns out to be volcanic)

(Nepal, high on mountain top)

Dot: (spoken) Yoo-hooooo (Yoo-hooooo...yoo-hooooo)
Gee, it's so quiet.
Too quiet.
Terribly quiet.
Awfully quiet.

Dot: I thought I wanted quiet
I thought I could apply it
But now that I have tried it...
I'm sick and tired of quiet!

(Pulls out boom-box and plays rock version of Animaniacs Theme)

Dot: Hee hee hee hee!