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I'm Nobody's Momma

This song is by Animaniacs.

I'm Nobody's Mama (from episode 39)
Music by Deanna Oliver.
Rita : I'm nobody's mama
Got no family
I'm a career cat
And my career is all about me.
No one can tie me down
I'm going places
Straighten up
Don't make those silly sad faces
It's rude.
Kttns: Mew?
Rita : All right, I'll get food.
(spoken) But that's it! After that, you're on your own.

Rita : I'm too independent
They're so small
How can I care for them?
Do I care at all?
I could never stand "Help me, Mama; Feed me, Mama
Need me, Mama; Don't leave me, Mama."
I'd never tolerate that.
On the other hand, "Oh, my Mama; I love you, Mama
I will never leave you, Mama."
No! You've got the wrong cat!

Rita : And did I mention
They'll want too much attention
I'll worry about 'em each day, every minute
I gotta tell you my head isn't in it.
I won't let my heart talk
'Cause it's ruled by my biological clock
Which is ticking away.
No way!
I mean what I say!
I'm a single cat stray!
I'm nobody's mama!

Transcribed by John Payson, Olivia D. Isaac, David Rose and Ron O'Dell

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