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All The Words In The English Language (Part 1)

This song is by Animaniacs and appears on the album Variety Pack (1995).

Announcer: And now, Yakko Warner sings all of the words in the
English language!

Yakko: Aardvark, abating, abet, abdicating
Abandon, abase and abreast
Ablaze and ablution, abhor and abusion
Abbreviate, abbey, abscessed.

Abduct and ablation, abridge and abrasion
Abash and abrupt and abride
Abscond and absentia, absent, abstentia
Abdomen, ably, abide.

Abominable, abrogate, absolute, absent
Absorbent, abstention, abstraction
Absurd and abundant, abusive, abutment
Acacia, academy, action.

Accede and accost and accept and across
And accompany, acre, accord
Accomplish, account and accrue and amount
Acrimonious, active, adored.

Adrenaline, adulate, adder and advocate
Advertise, adverse, abrade
Advice, adversarial, advent and aerial
Affluent, after, afraid.

Dot : Well, there it is: Yakko Warner now well under way in singing
all the words in the English language. I'm Dot Warner. With
me is Dick Button. Dick, a good start?

Dick : Oh, yes, Dot -- a marvelous start to what is a difficult,
difficult routine.

Dot : Stay tuned, and we'll be back to bring you the whole thing.

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