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Names And Dates And Times

This song is by Ani DiFranco and appears on the album Puddle Dive (1993).

i know so many white people
i mean, where do i start?
you know the trouble with white people
is you can't tell them apart
i'm so bad with names and dates and times
but i'm big on faces
that is, except for mine

i believe you when you tell me that
we've met before
this time you've got my interest
this time you've got the floor
why don't you go and tell me something
i don't already know
give me something to remember you by
when i go

you know i eat too much
you know i laugh too long
i like too much of you
when i'm gone

let's go over to the window
and sit in the neon light
let's go out walking
you know, it's garbage night
let's go down to the east river
and throw something in
something we can't live without
and then let's start again

you know the more you talk
you know the more i get
the sense of something
that hasn't happened yet
you know the more you talk
the more i want to know
the way i'll remember you
when i go

you know i eat too much
you know i laugh too long
i like too much of you
when i'm gone

i am so many white people
i mean where do i start
i've got lots of personalities
i just can't tell them apart
and i never remember anything
except for those things
that i never forget you know
there's no in between

i'm big on your face
yeah it's big in my mind
you're like the rest of the human race
you're one of a kind

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