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This song is by Ani DiFranco and appears on the album Puddle Dive (1993).

I will lean into you
And you can be the wind
I will open up my mouth
And you can come rushing in
You can rush in so hard
And make it so I can't breathe
I breathe too much anyway
I can do that anyday

I just wish I knew who you were
I wish you'd make yourself known
You probably don't realize I'm her
The woman you want to call home
I'll keep my ear to the wall
I'll keep my eye on the door
'Cause I've heard all my own jokes
And they're just not funny anymore
I laugh too much anyway
I can do that anyday

Have you ever been bent or pulled
Have you ever been played like strings
If I could see you I could strum you
I could break you
Make you sing
But I guess you can't really see the wind
It just comes in and fills the space
And every time something moves
You think that you have seen its face
And I've always got my guitar to play
But I can do that anyday

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