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Suave Mente

This song is by Angie Martinez.

Wylcef chillin' wit angie live at jimmy's
World wide baby azuca (sabroso)

(Chorus: wyclef)
Yo, suavemente besame
Angie martinez can I get a date on Friday?
Suavemente, just when I thought she'd say yes
Yo, yo that's when the kid pulled a check in the whole crowd party
Why you fucken up the party before it get started
*Angie says ya in different places in the chorus

Yo, it's angie the way I flip and make
You switch it in the flan be (flan be)
And I'll be dipped out in the club lookin' fancy (fancy)
And when your killin' 2 tub if you ain't family (I don't know you)
You mad at me, man please
I'm chillin' low key,
That's why I got my little hat on in
The v.i.p were everybody high fashion
Gettin' there mack on
34 satisfaction and it's bond to happen like latin's going platinum
Now we in and lookin' for the big peso and my
Song inspired by elvis crespo
And we gettin' it started so baby lets go
Nasty boys in the party singin' "dale huevo"
Pero take it easy 'cause we livin' suave,
We bout to smooth operators like sade
Coast to coast new york 2 chicago, east l.a.

Funny how time fly's when you gettin' drunk
It's 3 a.m & we still ani't had enough
'Bout the time when everybody knows what's up
See them niggaz pushin up now you know they wanna (what??)
See the papas chasin muchachas whillin out ra ra be like wo la la
Then they gets nada makes me laugh ha ha like ha ha ha ha ha
Baby silly boys in brand new clothes (hu ha)
Actin' up for nothin', puttin' on shows
At the bar frontin' strikin up a pose
Eatin cuban ciggaros like nobody knows
But it's ok papi I won't tell (hu ha)
If they don't know you mite as well
Do your thing ta ta ta ta ta pero suave yo

Suavemente (hu ha)
Suavemente (hu ha)

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