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Every Little Girl

This song is by Angie Martinez and appears on the album Up Close And Personal (2001).

(Big Pun)
Yo yo Angie, come downstairs, the pub is open
Hurry up ma! Put your socks, put your slippers on!
C'mon ma hurry! (All right then, I got it)

(The Product G&B)
Ooh Angie...
Ooh-whoa, yeah...
Ooh yeah hoo whoa, oh-ye oh-yeah

(Angie Martinez)
Uh, yeah (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Uh (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Uh-uh-uh uh-ah uh-ah-uh-ah
I started in Brooklyn, comin' up in the game
Everybody has a story mine wasn't the same
Angela, delinquent, I thought I was grown
I went through a lot things way before I was known
See my moms, she never knew I would make it all start
She was through with the bad grades, the late nights in the park
Causin my mom pain, my life was in the dirt
I played hooky all day while she was hard at work
Sorry ma, know it was hard and my pops was a jerk
She packed her shit and got us out of there before it got worse
Moved the fam to Miami in hopes of changin my ways
A big portion of my mind still remained in a daze
It wasn't till we came back my life matured
Success would be the only thing that I was fightin for
I was determined to get there, and keep it hot
Since that day my only goal was to reach the top

(Chorus: The Product G&B)
To every little girl, on every block
That's comin' of age tryin' to reach the top
I said no matter who you are, you can reach the stars
But never forget, how fragile you are, cause a girl is fragile

(Angela Martinez)
It's crazy, when I think back, sometimes I have to cry
'Cause when you young, you don't see how life can pass you by
You don't even really care if you gon' starve or not
This go back to ninety-three when I got the job at Hot
I used to answer the phones for Flex, do overnight spurts
Back then, I was like, "Hey who knows? It might work"
I wasn't satisfied, but it would just begin
Cause in ninety-five, I was every day, six to ten
I put in a lot of work so I could bring in my listeners
I secured a fanbase, although some of them dissed us
I was new at my thang, but I was doin' my thang
And I would never let nobody try to ruin my thang
But of course, there were people couldn't stand where I was
Cause although know I'm in, I wasn't made what I was
Through the heat, kept it movin, throw the haters a smile
What would they do if they knew her heart was fragile?

(The Product G&B)
Angela... (uh-huh) Angela... (hahahah)
Angela... (wooh!) Angela... (uh, uh)

(Angie Martinez)
Overall, it's a rough business, it could stop even you
There's people that's gonna say things that's not even true
Like the one about me not bein down for my women
And I hated the lesbian rumors that went around for a minute
How 'bout the one that goes, 'Yeah, she goes with him.
He bought her the car, the ice, the clothes and rims.'
And I'm sure you all heard she caught one dead in the face
It'd been different if she said what she said to my face
As for men, who knows where my story will start
I went through a relationship that nearly tore me apart
So I'm chillin' for now, it's all about me for the moment
Cause there's things that I wouldn't allow
But I'ma be aight though, keep comin' with tight flow
Try to stay on the low while I'm watchin your hype grow
Playin' the role like nobody can cramp your style
But I know, like you know, that you're fragile

(The Product G&B ad lib to the end)

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