Angie Martinez:Back From Cuba(Interlude) Lyrics

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Back From Cuba(Interlude)

This song is by Angie Martinez and appears on the album Up Close And Personal (2001).

-telephone rings-
...Who's this?
...It didn't sound like you waz' up pa!?
Waz up booby?...
...(laughs)...Your way...
Waz up my sister my motherfuckin'...
...ju miss me??..
say you jus cam back from Cuba ...
yeah man it was crazy babe cohibas all day
I know you brought me a Cohiba...
...No doubt
waz up baby how you doing we go party tonight?
allright we going to jimmy's call domingo...
... I'll call domingo I'll tell 'em to meet us there...
aiight baby see ya tonight

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