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You Are Next

This song is by Angelus Apatrida and appears on the album The Call (2012).

Face to face, fists are prepared
One by one they fall behind me
Smell of blood, innate fear
I won't let their faces go up to see

Disbelief, surrounding cries
My strength increases with each strike
Another one ready to bleed
Now it's your turn, enter the pit

Beware! You are next! Beware!

I don't give a shit for what you've come
If you're here is 'cause you hate me
I don't know you but you do know me
You should have known that I'm the King

Your agony keeps me alive
See me smile while you ask why
Ripping your face, my legacy
Enjoy this gift, it's all my strength

Beware! You are next! Beware!

I don't need confessions
Understand my intentions
I've always been pised off at your stupid fashion

'Cause I'm not tired!
Your are next!
'Cause you are damned!
You are next!

Solo: David G. Álvarez

Obeyed impulses, primordial terror
Your senses you are forced to leave
I see your face as a rich kid
Your money will not dim my rage

Your crappy face with teary eyes
Insignificant pride
It makes me different, I'm not a sheep
No one can ever snatch it from me

Beware! You are next! Beware! You are next!
You are next!

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