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Never Forget

This song is by Angelus Apatrida and appears on the album Give 'Em War (2007).

Hoy many times I've cried for you
How many hours (I've) wasted my illusion
A crystal dream with no solution
Broken by your never ending greed

A blood-injected pupil runs
Your conscience while you fall asleep
My pores are sweating hatred words I have never told you

There are not many men in the world
Who I can consider my friends
We put our entire trust in you
And you threw it right to the trash

Say goodbye to the world you use to know
Say goodbye if you've ever been alone
Realize that no one loved you
Say goodbye, I forgive but I never forget

What made you think we'd join your game?
Your words betrayed yourself, - you would
There are no more tales, no more lies
The real story has just began

(Solo: Guillermo Izquierdo
Solo: David G. Álvarez)

Our future built in bad lands
We were running out of time
Foundations are stronger than all
Destroying everything in their path

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