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In The Heart Of Nations

This song is by Angelus Apatrida and appears on the album Give 'Em War (2007).

Seek - elimininate
Destroy - force it to the limit
Fit - this locked key
Enjoy - the secrets out there
Waste - some billions, man
Build - castles in the sky
Crash - a pair of planes
Finish - what you have begun

We want to know the truth we want it till the end
Politicized with human lives
Our people and our families are those who died
We've never said them a last goodbye

Explode - the trains of death
Burn - do it again and again
Stop - investigate
Close - don't discuss this case
Throw - more wood to the fire
Spread - the flames of your hell
Carve - each piece of land
Infest - human benevolence

In the heart of nations punches are
Stronger than a nuclear bomb, a declaration of wild wars
This threatening message sent to the world
Dejected tired and lost
The pretense of peace and love has ended
One and for all

(Solo: Guillermo Izquierdo
Solo: David G. Álvarez)

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