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This song is by Angelus Apatrida and appears on the album Give 'Em War (2007).

Have you ever wondered your life's a routine?
You wanna escape but don't know how
Freedom for you is something so unreal
Sick and tired of all this circus

Now is the moment, make some troubles

Don't give up and be yourself
Now front him face to face
Show the world you cannot wait, you are not the worst of (the) human race
Spit the words you've never told and feel you are a man
Now fill your pride and break his face, he¡s going straight to hell

No voice louder than your reason, be sure of this
Who cares about what you do? NOONE!
Something's wrong with his decisions about your thoughts
Show him what's going on
Grab the bull right by the horns

(Solo: Guillermo Izquierdo
Solo: David G. Álvarez)

And then you will control your destiny
Don't feel sorry don't be ashamed, that's the story, your energy

(Solo: Guillermo Izquierdo
Solo: David G. Álvarez)

He is said to be afraid you won the game, with his tail between his legs
Enumerate the things that piss you off, prepare a vengeance once again

Force him (to) kiss you shining ass

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