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Collateral Damage

This song is by Angelus Apatrida and appears on the album Give 'Em War (2007).

Across a paradise in lands we've never gone (to)
Step by step on the march to decide what's right and wrong
They said that we dindn't have the power to kill 'em all
But what they all forgot is what we're searching for

Prepare for war, the end has now begun
Just say hello to your new overlords

It smell like mustard gas we want your bodies burnt
We don't exterminate we clean these bags of shit
Collateral damage, (Do) you know what does it mean?
Remember: We don't kill we bring peace to your lands

In times of suffocation
(We) ask God to turn this hell on earth
The flash bangs nailed to the cross
I cannot keep on this (I feel) I surrender, I have failed
We cannot break with stones the armies approaching our homes

What's going on today in the world we're living in?
The madmen kill in the name of God
Disturbed minds are leading legions of soldiers to slay
Where the hell is our sanity?

This time, for them will be no tomorrow, so be welcome
And never think you can break my lines
If you ever had this thought
I say never! You will never walk this land!

(Solo: Guillermo Izquierdo
Solo: David G. Álvarez
Solo: Guillermo Izquierdo + David G. Álvarez)

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