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Misery Loves Company

This song is by Angels On Acid and appears on the album Eyes Behind The Curtain (2007).

I Thought I’d Live An Average Life
But I’ve Seen So Much

Alone In My Condemnation
Something Comes Over Me
A Voice That Awakes The Sorrow
As Demons Appease This Suffering
In Solace We Face Tomorrow
Whatever The Day May Bring
Your Shadow Will Always Follow
Cause Misery Loves Its Company

I Know You Feel The Pain
You Suffer Just Like I Do
Inside We're Both The Same
So Discontent
So Far Away
And Though You Feel The Pain
Your Darkness Deep Inside You
Is Here Alone With Me
Cause Misery Loves Its Company

Laugh And The World Laughs With You
Weep And You Weep Alone

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