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This song is by Angelo Branduardi and appears on the album Fables And Fantasies (1980).

"fables and fantasies"


Lady I love thee
Once sang all the minstrels
On the greenbanks and meadows
In high-windowed halls
Nowadays the styles changed
It's not the done thing
Call me old-fashioned
But I'll still sing...
Lady I love thee
And fill your heart gladly
With sweet music and laughter
Blue skies and gold rings
Moon on the river strange sails in the bay
Lady I'll love thee forever my way

Lady I love thee
Your white knight I would be
Who saves you from dragons
Who wakes you from spells
Long may the world stand
On my welcome mat
Its baggage unopened
While I'm sure that
Lady together
From sunrise to sunset
Your star's bright in my night
Your heart's close to mine
Moon on the river strange sails in the bay
Lady I'll love thee no more can I say...

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