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This song is by Angeldust and appears on the album Musical Conjurings From The World Of Illusion (1998).

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Kayla: "God, I love you..."
...(Sythesized voice 'raps'/sings -
Unintelligible verse (s) in background)...

You live to criticize (Criticize me)
Forget truth, minimize (Minimize me)

Won't reassure my mind
Hold what I try to find
I'm just sinking down (Down, down)
Down... (But will you come?)

Wicked thoughts paralyze (Paralyze me)
Hate to love, patronize (Patronize)

Still won't believe my mind
Head-deep and with no time
Why don't you understand? (Me, me)
Me... (So I let you go)

[Chorus pt.1]:
I'm drowning in the sea of my mind
I'm saving everything I left behind...
[Chorus pt.2]:
...(Open your eyes!)
...(Synth voice 'raps' in background, sync'd with:)
...(Criticize! - Sacrifice! - Paralize! - Finalize!)
...(Ooh, Ooh-oh, Ooh-oh, Ooh-oh) (x2)

Kayla: "God, I love you..."
Criss: "So I let you go!"...
(Chorus pt.1 (x2)] / [Chorus pt.2)

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