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This song is by Angeldust and appears on the album Musical Conjurings From The World Of Illusion (1998).

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Automatically, emphatically, is what you know
I gotta' let you go (Uh, uh) (repeat)

I had a dream, we're ruled by consciousness
Unlamented eyes - Blind conditions

Maybe I'm crazy, but you know I'm not the...
[Synth'd:] Nut job - Not another nut job

-(Ah...)- Scratch at skin - Spit me out
I'm not you - Procreation...
-(Ah...)- Rubber room - Panic room
Spit me out (Uh, uh) Procreation...

I can't forget... Real life seems to insurrect
See you plant a seed - My stomach gives
...You're inside me

(Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus)
...(That pisses me off)

I'm not a nut job, (x3) ...(Uh, uh, yeah)
Everyone's a nut job, but
I'm not a nut job (Give it to me) (x3)

[Intro -(alt)-] / [Pre-Chorus] (sync'd)
-[Alt: Intro x1, & in-lieu of repeat:]-
-[It keeps suck, sucking me in]-
-[So, here I go (Uh, uh)...]-
...I'm not a nut job (Nut job) (x4)
...I'm not a nut job! (Nut job) (x3)
...I'm ...I'm not a ...nut job ...I don't think so?

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