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Deadlove Calling

This song is by Angeldust and appears on the album Musical Conjurings From The World Of Illusion (1998).

Lost souls seek for a way
...(To spend eternity together)
One half chosen to stay
...(From the mirror of forever)
Time can't seem to erase
...(This lonely desperation)
Just a million faces...

It's all about you - It's all about me
It's all about oneness - Eternally
...Deadlove calling me
...(Don't you hear me calling you?)

Living life as a lie
...(Camouflage reality)
Visions through blinded eyes
...(Where no one else can ever be)
Yesterday was alive -[I'm alive]-
...(Reflections of a fantasy)
The only face I wanna' see...

Don't you hear me calling you!? -[Deadlove]-
Don't you hear me calling you!? -[Deadlove]-
...(Don't you hear me calling you?)

I can't leave me* - I can't leave you*
I can't leave this* - Alone (* echoed)

[Chorus 1] / Yeah, [Chorus 2]...
...-[Deadlove calling me]- (x2)
-[This voice said, "Don't let them break you"]-
-[And I remembered thinking...]-
-["It's too late, I'm already broken"]-

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