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Come Alive

This song is by Angeldust and appears on the album Musical Conjurings From The World Of Illusion (1998).

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-{"Clive Barker intro":}-
-("Wake up, wake up", she said)-
-(As darkness descends on his dim life)-
-("Wake up" - "I'm alive and alone")-
-("A lost soul in a world of illusion")-
-(If we are not one - "Wake up, wake up...")-
-(Burn... "Wake up, wake up...")-
As a story of my life zooms out from my mind
I've come to realize that,
We're just but a million kinds
A piece of dust - Lost souls in the wind
Do our lifetimes end before they begin?

I'm so happy - I'm so gay
All is well that ends well...

"Come alive", She said to me
"I'm alive", you wanna be
"Come alive", She said to me
...I'm alive alone ...I'm alive alone

Wake up, wake up... (Burn)
Wake up, wake up... Burn, mother, burn, burn

A toe tag ends the tale of a life insignificant
Or so they say in the news today
Smiling faces, live for the moment
But before you know it,
They'll be reading off the tag on your toe

[Chorus] ...I'm alive alone ...I'm alive alone

Wake up, wake up - Wake up and live
Wake up and breathe, & burn, mother, burn, burn

[Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus]...
...I'm alive alone, (To me) (x3)
...I'm alive alone

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