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When It Doesn't Matter

This song is by Angela Ammons and appears on the album Angela Ammons (2001).

I'm everything, you never wanted
Why does it mean so much to you
I'm walking away
Not begging you to please let me stay

You wanna take a picture
So you'll remember
Me standing by this open door
Does it make it better
If you tell yourself I never wanted to go

Should I say that we should still be friends
Should I cry or should I just pretend
That it's killing me, and I don't want you to leave
Should I make you think I suffer
......when it doesn't matter

You try to figure out
Why I said nothing
When you told me that it's over now
What are you believing
That my smile is only here to hide the pain


I'm tired, of unhappy ever after endings
I'm tired, of make believe hero's
I'm tired, of taking back what I have given
And i'm tired, of waking up here


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