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This song is by Angel Dust and appears on the album Enlighten The Darkness (2000).

I can smell the sweat and blood around me
I can hear you screaming loud for me
Blow him into nothingness you're shouting
No one but me shall walk out of the pit

Meet my rival for the very first time
Gotta make sure, it will be his last
You don't like to pay for naught and nothing
All you wanna see is, I bring him pain

And I know, all your love is with me
-Beat him, -tread him, -kill him-
I'm your lord, I'm your angel of death

This is the place where you dreams become true
And this is the place where I kill for you
This is your time of diversion and fun
So enjoy!

I am heart and soul of all you people
Bearing all your hatred in my fists
I'm licensed to kill for your pleasure
In your name, I bring the deepest pain

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