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Lamento Della Ninfa / Oh Love

This song is by Ane Brun and appears on the album It All Starts With One (2011).

Oh, love
Oh, love
Oh, love

Where is it his faithfulness was?
Promise to me
I've been deceived
I'm lost

Please bring his love
To me the way it was before
Oh, or let me die now
Then it won't hurt me more
It will not hurt me
It will not hurt me
No more

And do not let him sigh now
When he is far away from me
No, no
He would not, he would not
Let me hurt anymore
I swear

He is so proud
Standing in this light
The light I spread on him
If I would leave him in the shadows
Would he come back for me?

Are her eyes as bright
Her kisses as light
As feathers, as feathers
On your skin?
Oh, love the value
Of my true heart in your hand
Last longer than her kiss ever can

Her lips can never hold this true love
Like my heart
Please, do not speak, my love
You know this all so well
Just love me, love me
Love me
And please, don't speak