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​Shaking Skin House

This song is by Andy Partridge and appears on the compilation album Fuzzy Warbles Volume 6 (2004) and on the album Skylarking (1986) by ​XTC.

Zap, pow pow zap
Zap, pap, pap, pap zap
Da da da da
Zap, pap pap zap
Pop, pop pop pop

There's something coming
Maybe a song or two
Can't stop from strumming
Can you feel it too?

I'm merely a man and I want

Nothing but love from you
I'm merely a man and I want
Nothing more than to do
What I want in the souls
Of the order

Love (in a write up)
(From an anything) daughter

It's another another (prodder)
From shaking skin house
(Another podder)