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Shaking Skin House

This song is by XTC and appears on the compilation album Fuzzy Warbles Volume 6 (2004) by Andy Partridge and on the album Skylarking (1986).

Zap, pow pow zap
Zap, pap, pap, pap zap
Da da da da
Zap, pap pap zap
Pop, pop pop pop

There's something coming
Maybe a song or two
Can't stop from strumming
Can you feel it too?

I'm merely a man and I want

Nothing but love from you
I'm merely a man and I want
Nothing more than to do
What I want in the souls
Of the order

Love (in a write up)
(From an anything) daughter

It's another another (prodder)
From shaking skin house
(Another podder)

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