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Waitin' On Sundown

This song is by Andy Griggs and appears on the album You Won't Ever Be Lonely (1999).

Jimmy was waitin' on Shelby Jean
In the parking lot at the Dairy Queen
He knew she's gonna be there soon
Then they'll blow this town just like a cheap balloon
She came in cryin' this morning at the store
Said "I swear Jimmy I just can't take no more"
So he quit his job and drew his pay
Now he's helpin' Shelby make her getaway
Oh... sittin' on go
Waitin' on sundown
Waitin' on sundown
No more beatin' to be denied
No more bruises that makeup can't hide
All these years she tried to love that man
But all he ever gave her was the back of his hand
Now Jimmy is a young boy just out of his teens
So many things that he still hasn't seen
But he's old enough to know wrong from right
That's why he's helpin' Shelby make a break tonight
And oh... sittin' on go
Waitin' on sundown
Waitin' on sundown
Waitin' on sundown
Drove all night, drove all day
Jimmy listened to everything Shelby had to say
How she'd suffered at her lover's hand
He said honey, I wanna change all that if I can
They pulled over to take a little rest
Shelby put her head down on Jimmy's chest
And she could hear the beatin' of his heart
And it sounded like the rhythm of a brand new start
And oh, she's gonna let him know
She's waitin' on sundown
She's just waitin' on sundown
They're waitin' on sundown
Waitin' on sundown

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