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The Gay Barbie Song

This song is by Andy Dick.

Hi-Ya Garrets!
Hi Raul!
You Wanna Go For a Ride?
On What?
On this!

Barbies such a bitch
She is just a witch
I really hate her
Why does Ken date her?

Ken is such a man
I do All I Can
Just To Do Him (Yes)
We Just Wanna Screw Him

(She's Such A Bitch I Wanna Scratch Her Eyes Out)

I have dreams about Ken
Being inside my den
And we hold and we kiss
Like were sweethearts

But That Barbies A Slut
With Her Cute Little Butt
And I Guess Ken Likes Boobs
Made of Fake Parts

And I Cry Everyday
Cause Straight Up
That Bitch Is In My Way!


Barbie Is A Bitch
She Is Just A Witch
I Really Hate Her
Why Does Ken Date Her?

Ken Is Such A Man
I Do All I Can
Just To Do Him
We Wanna Screw Him

When I See Her
I Will Knee Her


I Will Punch Her
And Ill Crunch Her

...Ooh Oh Yes...

Hey Garrets
What Raul
Look Whos Over There
Well If It Isn't Barbie Without Ken
And That Stupid Caifornia Dream Van
Hey Barbie Its Us
Come Over Here... Look
Right Over Here Missy

(Fighting, Punching Sounds and Cursing)

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