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This song is by Andy Church and appears on the album Sleeping In The Van (2008).

Stars align
© Andy Church

I've written my life with two left thumbs
But I've pages to go and volumes to come
You can picture my face in black and white
'Cause all my colors are out of sight
Yeah, all my colors they're out of sight

As I head off from my homeland
Toward the center of all things
Working for my maker
Slaving for kings

Stars Align, stars of mine

It was forty-four years this very day
When I first caught sight of the worldly way
Through an endless series of hoops since then
One more hoop won't hurt this man
No one more hoop won't hurt this man

I'll climb this thunderbird
Rest my head upon its wing
Fly into your arms
Wishing only for one thing

Stars align, stars of mine

We've danced our days on two left feet
Different drums but a steady beat
And when the last dance finally comes along
It's you and me, it'll be our song
Oh, you and me, it'll be our song

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